Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Orient 3D layer to camera properly

Auto-Orienting 3D layers towards the camera doesn't work well in After Effects, since they point towards the camera object itself rather than being parallel to the camera plane and thus usually still look like they're at an angle. I found this expression, (like nearly all expressions, it's by Dan Ebberts) to do it properly. Put it on the Orientation of a 3d layer:

L = thisComp.activeCamera;
u = fromWorldVec(L.toWorldVec([1,0,0]));
v = fromWorldVec(L.toWorldVec([0,1,0]));
w = normalize(fromWorldVec(L.toWorldVec([0,0,1])));

sinb = clamp(w[0],-1,1);
b = Math.asin(sinb);
cosb = Math.cos(b);
if (Math.abs(cosb) > .0005){
 c = -Math.atan2(v[0],u[0]);
 a = -Math.atan2(w[1],w[2]);
 a = (sinb < 0 ? -1 : 1)*Math.atan2(u[1],v[1]);
 c = 0;

or you can target a specific camera in the first line, eg 

L = thisComp.layer("Camera 1"); 

Found at: http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/227/21917#21917

Monday, September 03, 2012

YouTube playlist of my animation/shorts

I just made a playlist of my animated shorts/music videos/films because they were kind of lost amongst the endless youtube poops, impromptu technique experiments and footage of live noise shows that makes up the rest of my channel. Mostly really old, hopefully some new work in the not too distant future tho:


BONUS: I found some old disks at the weekend and uploaded some random outtakes and early animation test fragments from my 2000 film 'Remarkably Bold Venture of the Rabbit':