Monday, January 15, 2007

Giroro again

Better photo of this painting. (thanks Menkui! ^_^)


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wastedpapiers said...

Hi Tim! I have just got round to clicking on peoples names on my comments and finding out about their blogs. I never even knew you had a drawing blog! I must admit I like the pop arty things more than the "abstract" stuff but thats just me. The phone doodles are great too. They have an air of Mondrians Boogie Woogiedness to them. I found some stripey wrapping paper recently that Ive integrated into the borders of some collages to the same effect.
I'll have to link you to my mail art blog.
LULU update. Still fiddling around with the PDF files. Have Andy Sykes looking at them now to hoepfully pass on some hints and pitfalls to look out for.