Thursday, February 16, 2006


About me

I'm Tim Drage, one half of notorious LEGO movie-makers Spite Your Face Productions, and founder of electronic/noise/weirdness band Cementimental

I live in London and am currently looking for a job in animation or postproduction.

Thought it was time I got a drawing blog, mainly as a way to get me actually drawing stuff again!

That strategy isn't going too well so far I have to admit... :) In the meantime here are some old drawings:

Intentionally generic toy characters done for an advert pitch:

- overtly cute bunny

- deliberately retarded Masters of the Universe-esque action figure

Doodles done by scribbling then drawing over what the scribble resembles:

Right, I'll try and do some NEW stuff sooon!

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star-dan said...

this is cool! what did you draw it on.