Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Painting finished!

'We Dream of a Static Condition of the Limb'

Surrealist blobs + shapes vaguely inspired by anime FX animation.

10" x 8" acrylic on canvas

This painting is now on sale on ebay!
Please click here to take a loook.

Thanks! ^_^


FBD said...

Tim...nicely done! I hope you don't mind a comment. I do not see blobs and shapes in your painting. I see fleeting moments gathering together forming order from anarchy.

cemenTIMental said...

hey thanks! :) Your description is more erudite than mine! ^_^

Luke Oram said...

nice going T.R.D. keep it up

Anonymous said...

Suki da!

I think it's looks like a variety of dancing things...

Jay D Smith said...

returning the favor!!